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Traveling in August

Another trip has just been booked and I’m leaving in August. I’m going to Czech Republic with Sarah. We’ve taken a trip every year and last year we went to England and Norway. This year we’re heading to Czech. I’ve been there before, but I was little so I’m looking forward to enjoying the city again. We’ve planed some day trips to other cities, but we’ll mainly stay in Prague.


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It’s Saturday

Today Magna and I made pizza and had strawberries again for dessert. I also colored my hair a little darker and I really like it.

collage Desktop113It looks a lot darker now, but change is good :-)



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Finally the strawberries season is here and Magna and I had strawberries and ice cream before we went to the cinema to watch the Ring Bling.

IMG_8818 IMG_8819 IMG_8821Delicious :-)



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It’s summer – time to read!

Summer is the perfect time to read all the books you’ve bought throughout the year that you haven’t had time to read yet. There is no school or job, no homework and I love reading a book on the beach. Thought I’d share a couple of titles/authors with you if you don’t know what to read :-)

Screen shot 2013-07-01 at 5.28.11 PMKate Morton has  published four books. I’ve only read two of them and they were both great: “The House at Riverton” and “The Distant Hours”, but afterwards I’m going to read “The Secret Keeper”, which came out this year. Cecilia Samartin has also written many great books. Broken Paradis is absolutely amazing. I’ve heard so many good reviews about The Island that it’s one of the next books that I’m going to read.


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Visiting Marte

The whole family went and visited Marte here the other day. I’ve known Marte since the first grade, but it’s always fun to be with her. Tonight we made Boller and watched Pitcher Perfect, but here are some pictures from the other day.

IMG_1254 IMG_1270A long time since Marte had seen Filip.

IMG_1272 IMG_1273We played a round of “Alias”, a game where you have to explain a word. It’s really fun to play.

IMG_1281Marte and me :-) We found some old pictures that I’ll get from her soon. When we were little people thought we looked so similar, do we still?




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Summer days

The summer is here, which means rain and work. Summers here in Hamar is almost famous for its bad weather, but hopefully we’ll have some nice days too:-) on Friday Lina came to us and we’ve played some games. I bought a new game yesterday, Kokkli Monkle, where you have to guess what a movie is about, find out what happened a certain day and who a certain person is. It’s very entertaining!




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Pictures from Turkey

So here comes some (a lot) of pictures from my week in Turkey. I had an amazing time there, although we didn’t really see a lot of the country, the pool and the place we stayed at was great. We stayed at a place about 30 minutes outside of Antalya, in a town called Beleck. We went to Side once too and to Antalya. We were so fortunate that there weren’t more people by the pool. Most of the time we had the whole pool to ourselves, including the two slides that they had. Here are somIMG_1082IMG_1095pictures of the placeIMG_1172


A lot of fun in the water :-)

IMG_8715 IMG_8711 IMG_8693 IMG_8616 IMG_8631I love taking pictures of food so here comes some of the dishes we ate:

IMG_1159 IMG_8484 IMG_8472 IMG_8478 IMG_1130The picture above is of Turkish delights and honestly I didn’t find it that delightful, but that and coffee is really special in Turkey and although I didn’t get to taste the coffee down there, people say it’s really nice.

IMG_1132 IMG_1136 IMG_1168I took Bonaza down to Turkey and we played it several times. I also have a games called “Det burde man jo vite”, which asks you questions about things that one should now. Fun and interesting!

IMG_8749 IMG_8467 IMG_8438 IMG_8433 IMG_8414 IMG_1181 IMG_1145 IMG_1116 IMG_1110 IMG_1113I’m soon finished with my last exam and after that work is on my agenda for the summer.





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Furious 6

Yesterday we went and watched the last fast and furious movie. We payed less for 5 tickets here than we would have for one in Norway and there were barely anyone watching the movie. About half way through the movie suddenly stops and we’re all looking at each other thinking that the movie can’t be finished yet. But here in Turkey they have a 5-10 minutes break in the middle of the movie. The movie was amazing, maybe even better than the the fifth:-) apart from that are days here consists of spending time by the pool, swimming,playing games or tennis and tanning!


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Sun, swimming pool, beach, tanned and sunburned, friends and family. That’s what summer is all about. We’ve now spent two days at this beautiful place. Most of the time by the pool but we have also been seeing some of the areas close by.


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